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A Brief Information on Buttons


Buttons are an essential accessory which is normally used in all types of garments. Therefore button can be said to the main accessories of garments. In garments the main purpose of the buttons is mainly functional and decorative. Functional purpose refers to open and close garments with security and others purpose used for garment decoration. Now I would like to discuss garment buttons and their types also.

Types of Buttons Used in Garments:

In apparel industry buttons are normally classified according to the size, materials, and holes. By this ways, buttons are as follows-

  1. According to Ligne Number
  2. According to Material Used
  3. According to No. of Hole

 A. According to Ligne Number:

Ligne no. is the measuring unit of the button and indicates the diameter of the button.

We know that,

Ligne = 0.025 inch or 0.635mm.

Here, given few common buttons size and there use in garments.

No Button size Used
01 12 L Used in button-down shirts.
02 16 L Used in spread collar shirt and for shirts mostly.
03 18 L Used in shirts mostly.
04 24 L Most common for pant.
05 24 L Sometimes used button.
06 26 L Decorative and others use
07 28 L Decorative and others use
08 32 L Decorative
and others uses
09 36 L Decorative and others uses